Movie Crowdfunder Profits From First Dollar

Filmmakers can now go from pre-production to distribution and make a profit from the first dollar if they follow the Hal Hartley business model.

The indie auteur crowdfunded his most recent picture “Ned Rifle” that was shown at the Toronto Film Festival but failed to find a distributor.

Hartley then turned to Vimeo on Demand that has an exclusive 60 day window and will split proceeds 90% to Hartley and keep 10% Thereafter, the film can be put up on download sites like iTunes and Google Play where the split is more like 70% Hartley / 30% to the site.


Since Hartley paid nothing out of pocket to produce or distribute the film (probably were some publicity payments, travel, etc.), virtually (no  pun intended) every dollar from the digital distribution he received is net income.

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