Crowdfunding the Search for Flight MH370

If you’re a conspiracy believer or just feeling compassion for those who have been lost (literally) on Malaysian Flight 370, you can now contribute to the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that is seeking to raise $5 million.

The money will initially be used, not to find the plane, but to reward anyone who has information about where the plane is located, suggesting that the crowdfunders believe that the government has been lying to them or hiding information.

After the reward is raised (assuming that no one can point to the whereabouts of the jet), the group will hire private investigators to conduct their own search. Donors get a big thank you and the feeling that they have done something worthwhile to help others.

To date, only $71,860 has been raised with 15 days to go until the campaign terminates. Doesn’t look like the funds will be there at the end. That’s what happens when the 24 hour news cycle cycles on.

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