Crowdfunding Rewards Get Exotic

Crowdfunders are getting more imaginative (or perhaps more brazen) with the rewards they are providing to their donors. Planetary Resources is offering a “space selfie” from its first publicly accessible space telescope (goal attained); the feature film “Live Nude Girsl” is offering a date with an adult film star (sold out, but is it legal?) and the Buccaneer a reasonably priced ($347) home 3D printer is offering a pre-production unit 3D printer and a print cartridge (which we all know will cost as much as the printer after 3 cartridges).

Gadgets like the 3D printer have no real world utility (yet) but do appeal to early adopters.  Space “nuts” get to participate in a project that was previously the province of the government and dating adult film stars, well, you know.

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I am a corporate/securities attorney in the Washington, DC area. Prior to joining the firm, I was a Senior Attorney Advisor in the Division of Corporation Finance at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. I am a member of the Bars of the States of Maryland, New York and the District of Columbia. You can also follow this blog on LinkedIn at:
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